My Life Saver 

Like me you’ve probably heard a lot about the tommee tippee closer to nature prep machine good and bad reviews.
I found out about this machine when I was 20weeks pregnant, I , like a few mums had my concerns about it thinking how could it possibly be hygienic,sterile enough to make baby’s bottles. But also , I was thinking how much more life would be simple if I had this machine.
When I had Oakley 4 years ago there was nothing like this then so we used to make our bottles up and leave them in the fridge until needed.
Which as we all know takes time and having heat them to the right temperature while you have a screaming baby just isn’t fun at all, Me being a mum of two the last thing I needed was Harlow crying for a bottle for ages while one cooled down.

I asked my midwife what her views on them were and she said that they did not agree with them because the formula powder is not sterile. It contains a rather terrifying amount of different bacterias some if it’s not been sterilised by boiling hot water. 

This advise would properly put a lot of mums off but I decided that I would ask around on what other mums thought of there prep machines. 
I received 9 replies of mums and 8 out of the 9 said that it was the best machine they have ever bought and would highly recommend it. They also would defiantly be using it with there next child , the only negatives were that the machine starts at 4oz, some babies won’t take 4oz that early on so they would have liked the machine to be able to do 2oz,3oz bottles. One lady who didn’t think the machine was great was because the bottles were not warmed up enough for her son.
After taking the comments on board me and Dominic decided we would invest in a prep machine as we believed it was going to make our lives so much easier which it really has it has been. 

I would highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine to anyone having a baby as we have found that we have no problems with Harlows feeding , and that it also saves us a ton of time waiting for the bottle to be at the correct temperature.