The Bump

My first pregnancy with Oakley didn’t go the way I would have liked it to so this time with Harlow i was determined for it to be a better experience.

May 2015 

We found out we was expecting our little Harlow which came as a surprise to us both as we hadn’t planned to have a baby yet but we was both very excited to be having our first baby together. 

At the start of the pregnancy things didn’t go well and I experienced bleeding which was a very worring time for us both.  Which left us feeling confused at this time as we was told that the pregnancy could go one or two ways. Thankfully the bleeding stopped at 11 weeks and our little bump was safe again. 

At our 12 week scan we decided to take Oakley our oldiest son with us to introduce him to his little sister/brother. 

He was so happy. Bless him

The pregnancy seemed to have gone really quick with Harlow I’m not sure if anyone else experienced this with there second child?.

30 weeks seem to have come round very quickly but not without its problems.

 That week I ended up in hospital with contractions which I was then tested to see if I was in labour.

 Later that day I was told I wouldn’t be going home for two days as my body seem to be going into labour and I need steroid injections to open bumps lungs. After two days I was able to come home but was told to rest and keep an eye on contractions.

With Harlow we was told we would need to monitored more on his growth. At our 38week scan the doctors said that he didn’t seem to be growing and the fluid was not at the level they would have liked so decided that he needed to be born. The doctor booked us to be induced on 30th January.

But our little Harlow had other ideas 29th January in the morning I had a few pains but kept going with my day to day jobs. 

As the day went on the pain got worse but Oakley was going to his dad’s so I was holding  of for him to be somewhere I knew he was happy with, also had asked Dominic for a special tea which was my favourite Chinese 😜 

After we had our tea the pains were about 5mins apart and my mum said she thought we better go up to the hospital so I gave them a call and we was told to come in to be checked.

At 22:25 we say waiting to be seen in the waiting area. The pains were strong but with Dominic’s help and him keeping me calm I managed to breath through them. We got called into the room and was seen by our midwife Emma she checked me over and I was currently only 3cm but because we was being induced tomorrow we was told to stay .so she advised us to go for a walk but before this I had to be weighed  as I walked to be weighed I said to her I couldn’t walk any further and the pain was coming more frequently. 

As the pain got worse I found my self on all fours on the floor as I couldn’t lay on my back because of the pain in my spine. Dominic kept reassuring me that everything was fine and i could do this. (Tbh he was amazing)

The midwife came into the room to monitor me and I said to her I felt like I needed to push and as I said that my waters broke (which because he didn’t have much fluid left there was hardly anything there) at this point she said we need to get you on to the bed which Dominic and emma helped me I could lay on my back beauce the pain was to much. I asked for pain relief but as my contractions were coming stronger and faster there was no time. 

Dominic talked to me and kept Reassuring me that I could do this and I didn’t need the pain relief. He rubbed my back and kept his head next to mine and helped me breath through it all tbh I couldn’t have done it without him he was my rock and I can honestly say it was the most perfect moment 😘

At 23:25 our beautiful little boy Harlow was born weighing 5lb 💙