Finding Beau 🐶

When we got back offour family holiday we decided that maybe we would get Daisy a play mate as she seemed a little lonely after spending time with other dogs for a few days. I think she actually realised she isn’t a human lol me and Dominic sat down a few nights after we got home and discussed what sort of dog we wanted as we both said we wanted another Daisy.Daisys temperament is fantastic and we couldn’t wish for a better dog for the boys. I decided to give the guy a ring where I picked Daisy up from and he had a few puppy’s that had then been born so we thought it was worth a look as they were only  two weeks old and looked so cute.

We both agreed it was definitely something we wanted to do to complete our family. So today we went back to see the puppy and pick the puppy we wanted. When we got there we had 6 to choose from which was lovely because we got to spend some time with them and see what one we wanted to give a loving home to.

As we sat with the pups there was the littlest one constantly getting pushed over,looking a little lonely and also she was so cute. We have decided to go ahead with the little one as we feel that Daisy will mother her and she will fit in perfect with our little family. 

We would like to introduce Beau 😍


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