Our Journey with Cows Milk Protein Allergy ๐Ÿ„

At last we have an answer to why both of my boys had and have an issue with Milk Formula Powder. 

 Before I had Oakley my mum had told me about when I was a baby I seemed to have an intolerance to baby formula and was always sick. I decided to ask my midwife about this intollerence and asked if it could be passed down to my baby which I was reassured not at all and just to use a normal baby formula. 

We decided to use SMA first milk as I had heard it was the best brand and well known, our little boy was born on 20th August 2011 he was gorgeous and tiny he weighed 6lb 7oz.

I was so happy and couldn’t wait for are journey to begin together.

I started feeding Oakley after he was born with the little bottles of SMA and he seemed  to be sick a lot then but when I asked the midwife and it she reassured me that it was because of the traumatic birth and he would settle down soon and be fine. 

As the months went on Oakley was being more sick each feed and pulling his legs up and screaming every time I fed him,he also had non stop diahorrea. I spoke to my doctor and guess what  his first words were “your worring about nothing and are you a first time mum”. I was a little bit taken back by it and said yes I am but I know when something is wrong. He went on to check Oakley and said that he would give us gaviscon for reflux and colic drops. 

We went on with the gaviscon and colic drops for 2 months, at this time Oakley was so miserable and Was being sick all the time and had non stop diahorrea and screaming the house down everytime he fed. My mum decided to come with me to see the doctor this time. Instead of answering our questions to why Oakley was like this he went on to tell my mum she shouldn’t smoke when we wasn’t there for her at all. He didn’t help at all and just went on to say it was colic and reflux and to carry on with the drops and gaviscon. Me and my mum both couldn’t believe how the doctor dealt with Oakley at all so  When I saw my health visitor again I said to her that it was really getting me down and I couldn’t go on like this much longer, that no one was helping me at all. She said that she would get in touch with the doctor and find out what can be done.

As any mum knows watching your baby be in pain isn’t what we want to see at all and in all honestly it was making have the blues. 

That week I had an appointment with the doctor and as soon as she said  what’s wrong?, how can I help? I burst Into tears I was so low at this point and being a first time mum is stressful and worring enough and to have this stress aswel wasn’t helping me at all. I went on to tell her Oakley symptoms and how he never settled and was always has sick and was such an unhappy baby, but also how my mum had said I was the same when was a baby. 

At this point I had given up on doctors and knew I would just hear that Oakley had reflux and colic, but she surprised me when she said I think we should try a cows milk free  baby formula and go from there. I just cried and said thank you so much for listening I was getting somewhere at last. 

Oakley went on to Aptimil pepti 1 cows milk free. The first day of feeding Oakley he wasn’t sick he didn’t scream the house down at all, I felt like we had finally got somewhere at last.

Oakley was fine after that and when it came to feeding we just carried on with cutting the milk out but slowly introducing milk into his meals again. Oakley is now coming upto 5years old and has no signs of cows milk allergy now. 

When I found out I was having Harlow I asked the midwife if she thought this baby would have the same allergy as Oakley did they said they didn’t believe it would but to ask the doctor. I thought here we go again no one knows if it will or won’t, all I could think of is Great here we go more months of screaming and sickness.

Before I had Harlow I saw my health visitor like everyone does And said about my concerns to her about the milk and how it was with Oakley she was ever so good and said she would get a dietitian to ring me and discuss my concerns with her. Later that month I heard from the Norwich hospital dietitian, she was very helpful. I said that I had been told it wouldn’t be passed on she said that it was best to see if this child had the same symptoms once born and if so to try him also on a cows milk free formula. 

Are gorgeous little Harlow was born on 29th January 2016 weighing 5lb.

We started Harlow of on aptimil first milk as I was told it’s a softer milk and a lot better than the other brands. 

Harlow was sick a lot on the milk just how Oakley had been but I kept going with the aptimil to see if it was just colic or reflux. I decided to take Harlow to the doctors to see what they recommend for him, the doctor said that he didn’t believe that he would have the same as Oakley and to give the gaviscon and colic drops another go and go from there if no change possibly a dietian appointment. A few weeks went on and Harlow was still being sick, crying and screaming his head off in pain.

 I decided that he couldn’t go on like it anymore so I phoned the doctors and asked if they could see him but there was no appointments. I then asked if the doctor could ring me back as Harlow was really upset and in pain. 

When the doctor called me back he said that he recommend leaving it another week to give the gaviscon a chance to help I agreed to this as at that point Harlow had now fell a sleep. Harlow slept for about 3 hours and when he woke up was due another feed I made the bottle up as usual with the aptimil first milk and started feeding him he was yet again screaming his head off didn’t want the milk and what he had taken was coming back up. I decided to give my mum a call as Dominic was at work and I didn’t know what else to do with him, also it was getting me upset like he had with Oakley yet again there was nothing I could do and I couldn’t get any doctor to listen to me again. 

My mum was so annoyed with the doctor she decided to phone them and ask for them to do something to help Harlow as what they had given him wasn’t working at all. The receptionist tried to tell my mum he was busy and she would have to wait for a call back but my mum had had enough by now so she told her that if they weren’t willing to help we would be taking my son to AnE and then be putting an official complaint in about our doctor surgery.After this she said that she would get him to call us straight away. A few minutes after we put the phone down the doctor called and I explained how we couldn’t carry on Like this because it wasn’t fair on Harlow and on us as a family, it was making me very low watching my newborn baby scream the house down. The doctor went on to say that “we will give the Aptimil pepti 1 a go and see how he gets on from there” , he ordered the milk to come for the next day. When we got the milk we made a bottle straight away and gave it to Harlow, as soon as he took it he didn’t scream and he didn’t pull his legs up in pain and I finally felt like I had got somewhere. Harlow has now been on his milk since March and we haven’t had any problems with him being in pain other than teething ๐Ÿ˜”

I recently attended a cows milk protein allergy group which the health visitor had organised through the dietian at the hospital for me. When we arrived I was so nervous because I’m not really one for group things all the time, tbh I didn’t know what to expect at all. 

We all went into a room and sat down and had to introduce our selves and our baby’s to each other, (sorry to say but Cringe came to mind lol) most baby’s seem to have had the same issues to me and couple of other children had a more sever case of cows milk allergy. 

The dietian went on to talk about how lactose and cows milk allergies have always been confused as doctors do not have the information to make an accurate diagnosis. She gave us a few brands to try when weaning our baby’s on to food and recommend weaning at 4 months if they were easy and seemed to be interested in food. I had already started Harlow on food at 4 months because he was watching us when eating our tea, and seemed very interested in food.

As Harlow can’t have any cows milk in his diet it has been very hard to find food without it but we have been trying him with:

  • Mashed up banana
  • Mash potato/ sweet potato
  • Carrot/brocolli
  • Fruit pots 
  • Mashed up weetabix  
  • Plain porridge oats

We have found so far these have been successful foods that haven’t made him feel poorly or be sick.

At the meeting we went on to talk about our concerns, we also talked about the different kinds of milk we could try if our baby’s still seemed to be having a reaction to the milk and what was going to happen from then onwards?.

The dietian went on to explain that our little ones would carry on with a dairy free diet until they are 1years old and then be referred back to the hospital again for monitoring while been weaned back on to cows milk.

After the meeting we all got a chance to have a word with the dietian and I explained to her that we had never actually been told what our sons have wrong with them and went on to explain there symptoms and how I had these symptoms to, she turned round and said that I was right in thinking there was definitely  something wrong and it wasn’t a lactose problem it was most defiantly a cows milk allergy because how it had come through me and both of my boys. Tbh I felt like crying as I had been told it wasn’t just in my head and the doctors weren’t right in what they say and I had been right from the start. 

So now our journey of knowing we have a cows milk allergy problem starts ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป 


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