Open Farm Sunday 🐓

Yesterday we had a little walk down to our local farm which was open for Farm Sunday. They did this event last year and unfortunately both Oakley,Dom was poorly so we didn’t get a chance to go which really upset Oakley so this year we promised we would go come rain or shine.

When we saw the weather forecast we was so happy to see it was going to be a beautiful day ☀️🐝

We decided we would walk as it isn’t far and we wasn’t sure if there would be much parking. The farm opened at 11am but we started walking down at half 11 on our walk Oakley wanted to play eye spy (which seems to be number 1 game at the moment) as we all know it takes a lot longer to walk somewhere with little ones. 

When we arrived we noticed that there was plenty of parking but both fields were nearly full which was lovely to see because meant that everyone had come out to support the open farm Sunday. 

There was plenty to do we received information about the farm and also a game for Oakley to do and find the questions around the farm  which was a lovely thing to do.

Since the age of two when Oakley went to his grandmas who lives in the country he had always seen the tractors and combines go past and became a huge fan of tractors,combines. So much that his poor grandma use to drive around the country side with him looking for combines and tractors. Lol. So to have the opportunity to sit in them. 

Oakley has an amazing imagination he always tells us that he was at work last night and that he works on a farm and drives tractors all the time. It’s so cute.

There was so much to do at the farm from going on the machinery, learning about how the machinery works, looking at the cows,sheep, buying local farm goods,tractor rides around the fields. But one of our favourite parts of the day was watching the cows be milked it was amazing to see and so interesting to learn about. 

There was also a lovely hog roast that was £4.50 which was delicious. Also including coffee,tea,cake in another part. 

All together we all had an amazing day and would highly recommend anyone to go there local open farm day next year. 


Family Garden 🌳

We moved into our home in February 2015 and the garden really wasn’t anything special at all the grass was dying and not really anywhere for the children to play and for us to know they were safe. That summer we decided to re do the garden with some help from our family.we thought it was properly best we just put grass down for the dog and so Oakley could play and at the end it looked amazing and we couldn’t wait till the summer.
 but a few hot days and us not being able to water it as much as it needed it soon died and looked just like before. We also found out from other neighbours that’s because where we live its more clay than soil so the grass never wants to grow. 

We left it through the winter as we wasn’t going out there anyway and we all know that digging up a garden in the winter is not the greatest idea lol.
After we had Harlow in January 2016 this year we both said that we must sort the garden out again for the boys. 

We decided that we would look into artificial grass as it would last forever and we didn’t have to worry about the dog weeing on it. 

we looked into laying it our selves which was a cheaper options but still very pricey to have it looking amazing.

We then looked into having someone do the garden for us which meant they would dig the garden up and lay the artificial grass and would be guaranteed for 10 years but we had a quote for £1400 which was to expensive and for us we wasn’t able to do that. 
This time we thought that it was best we didn’t just have all grass as it doesn’t grow here, so we sat down and came up with the plan.

We would lay slabs were the grass didn’t grow but with the ground having a lot of clay we knew it needed to be padded out with rubble before laying the cement and slabs down. 

We made a walk way to our gate by using blue slate,but also made a space for us to have our lovely flower box made by my lovely dad.

We now have a space for all of us to enjoy and we can watch the boys have fun in the garden. 

Our beautiful bench made by my dad for chilling area.

What we used for our garden:
 :£70 for rubble to make sure the slabs didn’t sink.
:£35 for blue slate
:£30 compost for under the grass.
:£12 for border bricks
:£60 grass
All together our garden came to just over £200, took Dom and my dad 3 days to finish it off but it was a reasonable price compared to paying £1400. 

We are so happy with our garden now and it feels a safe place for the kids to play and we have a nice place to chill in the summer evenings. 

We now also have have our very cool kids tyres. 

Planning on a few other little areas for the kids to have things at the moment I love the idea of a chalk board outside.