A Boys Best Friend

We all know how important it is to make sure our children treat animals right,love and look after them as they were one of our brothers or sisters.

When I was a little girl I had a dog called Molly, Molly wasn’t the most friendliest of dogs but to me she was my world and the day Molly had to be put to sleep was one of hardest times of my life. I had always wanted another dog but when I lived at home it wasn’t an option so when I had Oakley I just knew we had to have a dog to love, to learn how to look after a pet. I had always wanted a Labrador and knowing they were brilliant with children made me want one even more, so the search for a Labrador in our price range began. We found Our Labrador on Pets 4 Homes which is a fantastic site, After calling the breeder we decided to go and have a look at the puppy. 

When we saw her we knew she was the one. When we brought Daisy home she instantly fell in love with Oakley and had to be anywhere he was including the bath lol. 

I really couldn’t wish for a better dog than Daisy she has always been there for us even through the hard times she was always there for a cuddle.

 Daisy is like a mum to the boys she is alway ready to protect them and always has to be close by to them. When we had Harlow we wasn’t sure how she was going to react as she has always been with just Oakley but when we brough Harlow home she just laid with me while I feed him.

We are really a lucky family to have such an amazing dog.

She is our world and we truly love her so much, we all have a very unique bond with Daisy and I can honestly say a dog is family’s best friend and would recommend for any family to think about having one 😊 


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