Turning  4 Months

As we approach 4months with Harlow I’m finding he is changing so much and quickly learning how to get our attention,growing into a fantastic little boy. 

  • Tummy Time

This month we have really been trying to get Harlow to enjoy his Tummy time as we all know and have properly been told by our health visitors it is important for our baby’s development. I’m not sure how other Mums/dads found this? But with Harlow he really does not like tummy time at all so I decided maybe a tummy time activity pillow would help. 

After purchasing the Mamas and papas Activity pillow I have found it helps Harlow keep distracted but also gives him support to be able to hold his head up for that little bit longer. I’m hoping by Harlow using this more and more he will be able to comfortably lay on his tummy without any help and actually enjoy his tummy time. But at the moment he enjoys his playmat by laying on his back.

  • Weaning 

Also I’m finding that health visitors and baby websites have advised people to not start weaning there baby’s until 6months. When I had Oakley nearly 5 years ago the rules on weaning were so different then. I started weaning Oakley onto food at 4months starting with baby rice and baby porridge which was made up with his milk just for breakfast at the start, Oakley was very interested in food at this time and I’m also finding that Harlow is now taking an interest in when we are eating. I recently had this conversation with my health visitor where it is only advisable to not start weaning till 6months, she then said if he was paying interest,could also hold his own head up and needed more then to try weaning him on to porridge first. 

  • Sleeping 

Harlow has been a superstar at sleeping recently,he is now having his last feed at 9pm and going through to 6:30am, which is amazing as you all know it’s so hard to get use to the sleepless nights. We have been very lucky with Harlow that he seems to love his sleep at night and we got him into a good routine from the start he knows that his pram is for his daytime naps and as soon as his in his Moses basket it’s night time. 


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