Cybex Priam 3in1 

So I thought as Harlow is a sleep I would take the time to make a review on the Cybex Priam 3in1 pram. 

First of all I have to say I love this pram, personally I think it’s one of the best prams I’ve ever bought. Also it won Prima Baby and pregnancy award 2015. 

When I had Oakley I went through so many different prams so this time I knew I had to find a pram that was going to last but also make life a lot easier. We also needed a pram that Could fit into a vauxhall corsa at the time and by just taking the two big tyres off it fitted perfectly.

When folded the pram is 95×57.5x31cm 

With the Priam there is three different choices of wheels from light, trekking ,all terrain, we decided that trekking was the best one for us as living in the countryside it isn’t always a smoothest of rides. Next we had to decide between the Lux seat or the 3in1 light seat. We choose the 3in1 seat because we preferred the style of this to the lux seat also by having the 3 in 1 seat we got the carry cot piece. If not we would have had to buy the carry cot separate which saved us a lot of money. We also find the pram has a brilliant big shopping basket and the hood unzips and extends to give your baby more shelter what ever the weather.
 I think I can say for both of us that we are definitely not disappoint with the choices we made. When the pram arrived I wasn’t sure if the car seat adaptors would have to be bought separately or would come with the pram,but we was very happy realise that they also were in the box. 

At the moment Harlow is still in the carry cot which is lovely because he still has plenty of room to grow and this way it’s better for his back and I get my little baby for that bit longer 😊 

So as a family we highly recommend this pram to anyone who’s looking for a easy,stylish,long lasting pram 😍


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