Nanny & Auntie Pub Tea

For a couple of weeks now my mum has said she would like to take Oakley out for dinner as a little treat to yone of our local pubs which is lovely as it reasonably priced and at this time of year it has a great play area for the kids. 

Mum decided a Friday night would be best as he doesn’t have school the next day I said to oaks did he want to take a few card games for when they were waiting for there food. He decided he wanted to take Spider-Man memory game to play with Nanny,Auntie Sue.

Mum said to meet at hers at 5:30pm so Oakley decided he wanted look smart so he put on his skinny jeans and his nice long sleeve top and white trainers, of course not forgetting his Gucci aftershave (bless him). 
He just arrived home with such a smile on his face, he said that he had a lovely time and that they played his game while waiting for tea. 

He had egg and chips for tea and ice cream for dessert he said it was delicious 😊. 
After tea Oakley had a play outside on the play area he had such a great time and got to spend some quality time with Nanny and Auntie Sue which is alway lovely. His now sound a sleep bless him.

I think it’s always important for children to spend time with grandparent, Aunties/Uncles.  


The Jolly Old Pirate 

This week at Oakleys school they are learning about Under the Sea and There Topic is Pirates.

 Today all the children had to dress up as pirates for the day here is my little man and his dog 😍

Things they are doing this week

  • Buried Treasure and Magnets 
  • Pirate Books and a wanted poster 
  • Treasure maps and message in a bottle
  • Pirate song, seaside song-The deep blue sea 
  • Cooking pirate pizzas
  • Pirate obstacle course on apparatus

They all looked so Cute in there costumes this morning😍 

Can’t wait to hear about his day when his home.

My Life Saver

Like me you’ve probably heard a lot about the tommee tippee closer to nature prep machine good and bad reviews.

I found out about this machine when I was 20weeks pregnant, I , like a few mums had my concerns about it thinking how could it possibly be hygienic,sterile enough to make baby’s bottles. But also , I was thinking how much more life would be simple if I had this machine.

When I had Oakley 4 years ago there was nothing like this then so we used to make our bottles up and leave them in the fridge until needed.

Which as we all know takes time and having heat them to the right temperature while you have a screaming baby just isn’t fun at all, Me being a mum of two the last thing I needed was Harlow crying for a bottle for ages while one cooled down.

I asked my midwife what her views on them were and she said that they did not agree with them because the formula powder is not sterile. It contains a rather terrifying amount of different bacterias some if it’s not been sterilised by boiling hot water. 
This advise would properly put a lot of mums off but I decided that I would ask around on what other mums thought of there prep machines. 
I received 9 replies of mums and 8 out of the 9 said that it was the best machine they have ever bought and would highly recommend it. They also would defiantly be using it with there next child , the only negatives were that the machine starts at 4oz, some babies won’t take 4oz that early on so they would have liked the machine to be able to do 2oz,3oz bottles. One lady who didn’t think the machine was great was because the bottles were not warmed up enough for her son.

After taking the comments on board me and Dominic decided we would invest in a prep machine as we believed it was going to make our lives so much easier which it really has it has been. 

I would highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine to anyone having a baby as we have found that we have no problems with Harlows feeding , and that it also saves us a ton of time waiting for the bottle to be at the correct temperature. 

A Boys Best Friend

We all know how important it is to make sure our children treat animals right,love and look after them as they were one of our brothers or sisters.

When I was a little girl I had a dog called Molly, Molly wasn’t the most friendliest of dogs but to me she was my world and the day Molly had to be put to sleep was one of hardest times of my life. I had always wanted another dog but when I lived at home it wasn’t an option so when I had Oakley I just knew we had to have a dog to love, to learn how to look after a pet. I had always wanted a Labrador and knowing they were brilliant with children made me want one even more, so the search for a Labrador in our price range began. We found Our Labrador on Pets 4 Homes which is a fantastic site, After calling the breeder we decided to go and have a look at the puppy. 

When we saw her we knew she was the one. When we brought Daisy home she instantly fell in love with Oakley and had to be anywhere he was including the bath lol. 

I really couldn’t wish for a better dog than Daisy she has always been there for us even through the hard times she was always there for a cuddle.

 Daisy is like a mum to the boys she is alway ready to protect them and always has to be close by to them. When we had Harlow we wasn’t sure how she was going to react as she has always been with just Oakley but when we brough Harlow home she just laid with me while I feed him.

We are really a lucky family to have such an amazing dog.

She is our world and we truly love her so much, we all have a very unique bond with Daisy and I can honestly say a dog is family’s best friend and would recommend for any family to think about having one 😊 

Us Time 🍴🍷

As we all know when having children it’s always hard to find us time and find time to cook a new recipe or watch a film. 

With Oakley going to his dad’s tonight and Harlow having a sleep I thought it would be nice to try a new recipe for a romantic meal with my man. 

I really fancied Chicken,bacon In a creamy mushroom sauce,  I’ve tried cooking this before and it didn’t go to plan but I found a lovely simple recipe and gave it a go.
Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves 2

1tsp oil
2 free-range chicken breasts

15g (½oz) butter

250g (9oz) mushrooms, sliced

2 garlic cloves, crushed

100ml (4fl oz) white wine

100ml (4fl oz) double cream

2tbsp chopped parsley leaves

steamed new potatoes and kale, to serve

1 Heat the oven to 180 C, 160 C, 350 F, gas 4. Heat the oil in a frying pan, season the chicken and fry for 2 minutes on either side. Place on a baking sheet in the oven for 20 minutes, or until cooked through.

2 Melt the butter in the frying pan, turn up the heat and add mushrooms and seasoning. Fry until browned slightly, then add the garlic and wine and bubble until the alcohol smell has burnt off. Reduce the heat and stir in the cream, simmering until the sauce has thickened slightly.
3 Stir the parsley through the sauce and serve poured over the cooked, sliced chicken breasts, with the new potatoes and green beans on the side.

It is a wonderful recipe and was amazing and so tasty 😍
Looking forward to the rest of our evening a good film and cuddles on the sofa 💑. 

Have a fab evening all 😘

Our Very Own Clark Kent 💙

Oakley has picked up his first pair of glasses tonight and he looks so cute bless him 😊 Oakley is currently in reception at the moment and recently started on the reading scheme which is Biff and Chip books he has been doing amazing and nearly on stage 3 already, but a few weeks ago Oakley said to me and Dominic that he was struggling to see the words in his books. We both discussed that night that it was probably time for a re check as he had them checked at the hospital when he was 2 and now coming up to some important years at school we wanted to be sure that he could see properly. I made an appointment for him at spec savers for that week for his eye test, when we arrived at the opticians Oakley had some normal tests done to see how his vision was and if he could see the letters,picture and lots more also the optician asked if any of Oakleys family wore glasses which we all do. The optician said that to be sure on Oakley priscription she wanted him to have some eye drops put in so she could see clearly which eye was more weak, we had to come back for this but when we did she was very professional and Oakley was very calm and such a good boy. 

After a few tests the optician said that he needed to have glasses full time for 6months as the right eye was very weak and hopefully by wearing glasses full time we would be able to pull back the damage, but after 6months and if all has improved he can go to just wearing them for reading and watching tv. 
He is so excited to have his glasses bless him and family and friends have been so supportive, Hence the title our very own Clark Kent 😊 our little superhero 💪🏻

Turning  4 Months

As we approach 4months with Harlow I’m finding he is changing so much and quickly learning how to get our attention,growing into a fantastic little boy. 

  • Tummy Time

This month we have really been trying to get Harlow to enjoy his Tummy time as we all know and have properly been told by our health visitors it is important for our baby’s development. I’m not sure how other Mums/dads found this? But with Harlow he really does not like tummy time at all so I decided maybe a tummy time activity pillow would help. 

After purchasing the Mamas and papas Activity pillow I have found it helps Harlow keep distracted but also gives him support to be able to hold his head up for that little bit longer. I’m hoping by Harlow using this more and more he will be able to comfortably lay on his tummy without any help and actually enjoy his tummy time. But at the moment he enjoys his playmat by laying on his back.

  • Weaning 

Also I’m finding that health visitors and baby websites have advised people to not start weaning there baby’s until 6months. When I had Oakley nearly 5 years ago the rules on weaning were so different then. I started weaning Oakley onto food at 4months starting with baby rice and baby porridge which was made up with his milk just for breakfast at the start, Oakley was very interested in food at this time and I’m also finding that Harlow is now taking an interest in when we are eating. I recently had this conversation with my health visitor where it is only advisable to not start weaning till 6months, she then said if he was paying interest,could also hold his own head up and needed more then to try weaning him on to porridge first. 

  • Sleeping 

Harlow has been a superstar at sleeping recently,he is now having his last feed at 9pm and going through to 6:30am, which is amazing as you all know it’s so hard to get use to the sleepless nights. We have been very lucky with Harlow that he seems to love his sleep at night and we got him into a good routine from the start he knows that his pram is for his daytime naps and as soon as his in his Moses basket it’s night time. 

Jimmy’s Farm

We decided on Sunday we needed a bit of family time after working on the garden most weekends we haven’t had much chance to get out with the boys, I heard that Jimmy’s farm was a great place for little ones so we thought lets take a trip there.

We arrived at 11am,First of all we paid to get into the Jimmy’s farm park which we thought was such a reasonable price of £15:50 for Me,Dominic,Oakley and little Harlow was free as under 2. 

We paid a little extra for food so Oakley could feed the goats and sheep and alpacas which he loved and the animals were so friendly and so content which was lovely to see.

After feeding the animals Oakley wanted to go and have a go on the blow up pillow,also sandpit,zip wire. 

We found the farm catered for every age group,even our age group we really enjoyed the farm shop were we found the products really reasonable price.we decided to tReat our selves to some yummy farm sausages 😊 We had a fantastic day at Jimmy’s farm and would highly recommend. 😊💙

Cybex Priam 3in1 

So I thought as Harlow is a sleep I would take the time to make a review on the Cybex Priam 3in1 pram. 

First of all I have to say I love this pram, personally I think it’s one of the best prams I’ve ever bought. Also it won Prima Baby and pregnancy award 2015. 

When I had Oakley I went through so many different prams so this time I knew I had to find a pram that was going to last but also make life a lot easier. We also needed a pram that Could fit into a vauxhall corsa at the time and by just taking the two big tyres off it fitted perfectly.

When folded the pram is 95×57.5x31cm 

With the Priam there is three different choices of wheels from light, trekking ,all terrain, we decided that trekking was the best one for us as living in the countryside it isn’t always a smoothest of rides. Next we had to decide between the Lux seat or the 3in1 light seat. We choose the 3in1 seat because we preferred the style of this to the lux seat also by having the 3 in 1 seat we got the carry cot piece. If not we would have had to buy the carry cot separate which saved us a lot of money. We also find the pram has a brilliant big shopping basket and the hood unzips and extends to give your baby more shelter what ever the weather.
 I think I can say for both of us that we are definitely not disappoint with the choices we made. When the pram arrived I wasn’t sure if the car seat adaptors would have to be bought separately or would come with the pram,but we was very happy realise that they also were in the box. 

At the moment Harlow is still in the carry cot which is lovely because he still has plenty of room to grow and this way it’s better for his back and I get my little baby for that bit longer 😊 

So as a family we highly recommend this pram to anyone who’s looking for a easy,stylish,long lasting pram 😍


The Bump

My first pregnancy with Oakley didn’t go the way I would have liked it to so this time with Harlow i was determined for it to be a better experience.
May 2015 
We found out we was expecting our little Harlow which came as a surprise to us both as we hadn’t planned to have a baby yet but we was both very excited to be having our first baby together. 
At the start of the pregnancy things didn’t go well and I experienced bleeding which was a very worring time for us both. Which left us feeling confused at this time as we was told that the pregnancy could go one or two ways. Thankfully the bleeding stopped at 11 weeks and our little bump was safe again. 
At our 12 week scan we decided to take Oakley our oldiest son with us to introduce him to his little sister/brother. 

He was so happy. Bless him

The pregnancy seemed to have gone really quick with Harlow I’m not sure if anyone else experienced this with there second child?.

30 weeks seem to have come round very quickly but not without its problems.

That week I ended up in hospital with contractions which I was then tested to see if I was in labour.

Later that day I was told I wouldn’t be going home for two days as my body seem to be going into labour and I need steroid injections to open bumps lungs. After two days I was able to come home but was told to rest and keep an eye on contractions.
When we was 20weeks we was told we would need to monitored more on his growth. At our 38week scan the doctors said that he didn’t seem to be growing and the fluid was not at the level they would have liked so decided that he needed to be born. The doctor booked us to be induced on 30th January.

But our little Harlow had other ideas 29th January in the morning I had a few pains but kept going with my day to day jobs. 
As the day went on the pain got worse but Oakley was going to his dad’s so I was holding of for him to be somewhere I knew he was happy with, also had asked Dominic for a special tea which was my favourite Chinese 😜 
After we had our tea the pains were about 5mins apart and my mum said she thought we better go up to the hospital so I gave them a call and we was told to come in to be checked.
At 22:25 we waited to be seen in the waiting area. The pains were strong but with Dominic’s help and him keeping me calm I managed to breath through them. We got called into the room and was seen by our midwife Emma she checked me over and I was currently only 3cm but because we was being induced tomorrow we was told to stay .so she advised us to go for a walk but before this I had to be weighed as I walked to be weighed I said to her I couldn’t walk any further and the pain was coming more frequently. 
As the pain got worse I found my self on all fours on the floor as I couldn’t lay on my back because of the pain in my spine. Dominic kept reassuring me that everything was fine and i could do this. (Tbh he was amazing)
The midwife came into the room to monitor me and I said to her I felt like I needed to push and as I said that my waters broke (which because he didn’t have much fluid left there was hardly anything there) at this point she said we need to get you on to the bed which Dominic and emma helped me I couldn’t lay on my back because  the pain was to much. I asked for pain relief but as my contractions were coming stronger and faster there was no time. 
Dominic talked to me and kept Reassuring me that I could do this and I didn’t need the pain relief. He rubbed my back and kept his head next to mine and helped me breath through it all tbh I couldn’t have done it without him he was my rock and I can honestly say it was the most perfect moment 😘
At 23:25 our beautiful little boy Harlow was born weighing 5lb 💙